World Cup 2014 Predictor League

The below link will open the World Score Predictor Excel file.  All you need to do is click on the link, download and open the the file, save it onto your own computer and return it to me at as soon as possible.

You should complete the predictor right to the final, resulting in an overall winner.

I will update this page in a couple of days with details of the points system (e.g. 3 points for correct score, 2 points for correct result, etc.)

Entry is £5 a head. 

Once the competition is under way on the 12th June, I'll add regular updates to this page.


Quick Table Game3 (2).jpg

UPDATE 11/06 - A welcome email has been sent to all entrants, including an additional note relating to a change in way the Predictor template records knock-out games which go to penalties. If you believe any of your predictions will go to penalties, please send me an email and I will update the records. The predictor spreadsheet (which everyone has completed) is not capable of processing 'draws' in the knock out rounds, hence why individual scores still need to be reflected as wins and losses.   10 points will be awarded to any correctly predicted draw after extra time.

UPDATE 16/06 - In case you were interested in your prediction for a particular game and do not have access to your own s/s, I've added a summary of all the predictions.  Click on the below link to download the summary.


UPDATE 17/06 - Lots of points to be made over the next couple of days as the group stages come to a close.  Todays update includes the points won for correctly predicting placings and goals scored/conceded for each team in groups A and B.

UPDATE 03/07 - After a review of the knock out stage predictions which have been entered into the master template, there were one or two 'typos' found.  The table has since been updated to reflect the updated points.  I must apologise to Matt S and Ian M (Dad) who's updated points total is now less than before.  

UPDATE 03/07 (2) - I have included the Quarter Final predictions for everyone to see (below).

Click below to download the Predictor file: 

World Cup Predictor Spreadsheet

Competition Rules

Ross Mackey Jenny Mackey Ian Mackey Donna Mackey Kevin Andrews
Gary Sloan Malcolm McConville Davie Gardner Kenny Falconer Graeme Morrison
Gordon Kane Michael Roarty Michael Wilson Colin Murray Matt Stoner
Neil Craig Shaun Morrow Steve Turner Mike Adams Pamela Graham
Gordon Newlands Des Anderson Gary Smith Keith Hughes Jason Warren
Ashley Warren Michael Lynch