Our Disclaimer

This website is reviewed and updated on a regular basis and, while every effort is made to present all information as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee complete and 100% accuracy.  Anyone who chooses to rely on the content within the website, to participate in their own independent activities, does so entirely at their own risk.

This website has been developed and operates on the Squarespace.com platform and, where we make every attempt to ensure the website is available at all times, we cannot be held responsible for such times when it is unavailable for technical reasons out with our control.

The walking routes available through Walk Across Scotland Ltd have been tested for suitability, however, we cannot guarantee all paths will remain in the same condition should they be affected by factors including potentially adverse weather, obstructions (e.g. livestock), diversion’s and any other situations affecting the condition of the land.

Walk Across Scotland Ltd. cannot be held responsible for your interpretation of the walks and other information we provide.

You are responsible for your own safety when walking. It is essential that you are properly equipped and clothed for walking in Scotland, and that you have the appropriate map (whether or not supplied by Walk Across Scotland) and a compass and know how to use them. Advice on safety in the Scottish Hills is normally contained in in a Holiday Information Pack that we will provide for you before you start walking. If for any reason this is not included in your Holiday Information Pack, please contact us and we will arrange for you to get a copy.

A map, compass and suitable provisions should be taken at all times.