Grading our Walking Holidays

 Our ratings guide attempts to provide a basic, yet informative, summary of our walking holidays.  These ratings are aimed at helping customers decide if the walks meet their exacting criteria and physical condition.  The following factors have been taken into consideration;

  • Nature and difficulty of hill climbs, including maximum height reached and total ascent
  • Quality of paths
  • Way-marking and other signage
  • Distance and duration

Applying an overall rating to a walking route is not a straightforward task, particularly due to the variety of landscapes and paths encountered along each of our walking holidays.  Furthermore, a straightforward climb to one person may be a serious effort for another; therefore, the grading system becomes very subjective in nature.  For this reason, some sections of each route may be more (or less) strenuous than the allocated rating suggests.  We do, however, endeavour to be as accurate as possible with our rating system.

Difficulty Grading-23.jpg
Difficulty Rating 1 dark.png

An easy, straightforward walking route with minimal hill climbs and ascents required. 

Paths are well-established and maintained, often suitable for prams and wheelchairs.  Signposting and way-marking is clear throughout.  Hillwalking experience is not necessary. 

Distance = 0 – 5 miles per day

Duration = up to 3 hours

Difficulty Rating 2 dark.png

The landscape is more undulating, with easy to moderate hill climbs and ascents.  The route will be signposted in places although cannot be wholly relied upon for navigation.  Paths are generally of a good quality but can become narrow and uneven in places.  Hillwalking experience is not essential although map reading skills may be required.

Distance = 5 – 10 miles per day

Duration = up to 6 hours         

Difficulty Rating 3 dark.png

The terrain may be rough in places, with moderate ascents and hill climbs.  Mostly well-defined paths, although can become faint or indistinct in places.  A map and compass will be required due to minimal way-marking and the surrounding landscape potentially becoming remote.

Distance = 10 – 15 miles per day

Duration = up to 8 hours

Difficulty Rating 4 dark.png

Involves moderate to strenuous hill climbs and ascents, with uneven and rocky conditions underfoot.  Remote or high level paths and tracks may become narrow and faint.   Map and compass skills essential as navigation across remote mountainous landscapes may be required.

Distance = 15 – 20 miles per day

Duration = up to full day

Difficulty Rating 5 dark.png

Strenuous ascents, hill climbs and scrambling may be required across rocky and mountainous terrain.  Navigation through remote, pathless sections may be necessary.  Good hillwalking and hiking experience required, with map reading and compass skills essential. 

Distance = 20+ miles per day

Duration = Full day