In this agreement, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

Definitions & Interpretation

  • "us", "we", "WAS" or "the company" - Walk Across Scotland Ltd.
  • "the client" - The person making the booking
  • "the website" - www.WalkAcrossScotland.co.uk


The contract for our services will become legally binding when the client has;

i) Received confirmation of their walking itinerary, and

ii) Paid a £50 per person deposit


i) A deposit of £50 per person is required to secure the booking.  If, for any reason, we are unable to arrange the holiday, the deposit will be returned immediately.

ii) The remaining balance will be due no later than 35 days before the holiday start date.

iii) All payments are be made via PayPal (debit/credit card) or UK/International bank transfer. .

iv) International Bank Transfer payments can be made using our IBAN and BIC account numbers.  Clients wishing to pay via this method should advise WAS, by e-mail, where we will arrange to provide the account details.

v) Card payments are processed through PayPal by either secure on-line payment or by telephoning a Company representative. 

vi) WAS arranges and books accommodation and baggage transfers on behalf of the client and in the name of the client, acting as the client's agent. Subject to the client having made payment to WAS, we will make payment to the accommodation and baggage transfer provider's direct.  This allows the provider of the relevant service to cross reference the name on the booking with the client in attendance on the day the service is provided.


For bookings made less than 42 days before the holiday start date;

i) It may not always be possible to book the preferred accommodation in line with the set itinerary.  In such cases where the nearest place of suitable accommodation is, for example, the nearest town or village, additional transfer charges may apply.  

ii) If the contract is made less than 42 days before the holiday start date, the full balance will be due 7 days from the date on the Booking Confirmation.


WAS cannot accept responsibility for death, injury or illness to clients who partake in any walking holiday organised by WAS, unless death or personal injury is attributed to a breach by WAS of their obligations to the client.

By entering into the contract, the client is deemed to have confirmed that all group members:

i) Understand the nature of their chosen walking holiday as stipulated within the route synopsis on the website

ii) Take reasonable steps to ensure they are at a level of health and fitness which is deemed suitable for walking long distances, as set by the daily itinerary within their chosen holiday.

iii) Possess the relevant walking and outdoor experience in order to complete each day in the most safe, sensible and responsible way possible.


i) For clients who wish to utilise a baggage transfer service, only one bag per person is permitted. Bags typically must weigh no more than 20 kg (although this may vary at individual providers).  Bags found to exceed the stated allowance may be subject to an additional charge or may not be uplifted by the provider.


6.1 Changes to Bookings

i) Client changes - we understand that clients may, at times, wish to change their booking and we will endeavour to accommodate any such requests.  Any changes we agree to will result in an Amendment Fee of £15 per person.  For example, additional charges will be incurred for changes to;

  • Dates
  • Length of stay
  • Room Type
  • Group size (increase or decrease)

ii) Other Changes - Although unlikely, it may be necessary to make unavoidable changes to the booking.

a) The company is entitled to make non material changes to the contract, however, for any changes of a material nature, the client will have the option to accept such changes, accept an alternative equivalent option or receive a full refund, unless categorised as an event of Force Majeure (see clause 8).  If the client accepts an alternative/substitute holiday of a lower value, the client will be reimbursed with the difference between the higher and lower prices.

b) If an event of Force Majeure makes it impossible for the client or the company to fulfil any material obligation, the relevant party will be excused performance. The client, however, will not be excused performance where the event is covered by standard personal travel insurance readily available in the market.

6.2 Cancellations

Cancellations must be notified in writing.  In the event of a cancellation; .

i) The deposit will be forfeited

ii) Where cancellation is received 14 days or less before the start of the holiday, the full cost will be charged and there will be no refund. 25% of the total cost will be refunded for cancellations received between 21 days and 15 days before the holiday start date.


Personal Insurance - In order to be protected against a number of unforeseen circumstances which may result in clients and individual group members cancelling their walking holiday, it is extremely important for all our clients to have their own appropriate personal travel and health insurance.  By entering in to contract, you are deemed to have warranted that all group members are covered by a standard travel insurance package.


i) Force Majeure - WAS cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of such events deemed beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, strikes or labour disputes, embargoes, government orders or any other force majeure event.

ii) Liability - WAS cannot accept liability for death, injury, or loss or damage to property during the course of the holiday.


i) Should the client have any complaints surrounding their holiday, contact should be made to us in writing; or other appropriate method relevant to the circumstances, at the earliest possible date or time.

ii) The company will make prompt efforts to resolve any situation in a timely manner, particularly when deemed to be a time critical issue, e.g. any incident which occurs during the holiday.

iii) If a complaint arises from the services provided by another party during the course of the holiday, the consumer is obliged to contact the provider of the relevant service in the first instance with a view to resolving the complaint in a timely manner.


Last Update: October 2017