Why Walk Across Scotland

Regular exercise is hugely important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  People who exercise regularly have more energy, sleep better, think clearly and have reduced stress levels.  As we have become more aware of these benefits, our attitude to health and fitness has never been so positive .  Gym memberships are on the increase, organised running events have never been more popular and the variety of outdoor activites available for everyone to experience is at an all time high.

At Walk Across Scotland; we understand that freeing up some time in this increasingly demanding society is often easier said than done and, even with the best of intentions, it is all too easy to set aside the latest excursion for another 'rainy day'.

For such a small country, Scotland boasts an array of walks, paths and trails which cover much of the land.  From remote beaches and coastal paths to famous long distance hikes and woodland trails, the diverse nature of Scotland's landscape means that there is a walk out there for everyone.  If you are an inexperienced walker, a visitor to our shores or are simply looking for some inspiration, WAS is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

There are literally hundreds of walks listed and mapped through an array of publically available sources, including:

The Internet

Local Tourist Information, leaflets and flyers


Hillwalking & Mountaineering experts

Newspaper archives.

The difficulty is knowing how and where to look for your walk and the time it takes to find it.  Individual websites, leaflets and maps are fantastic in their own right but the fact that they are 'individual' can make it difficult to piece together a route or create a walk of your own.  At WAS, our unique, high quality walk planning service will do this research on your behalf and produce a walk which is easy to follow and achieved with the minimum of fuss.  Together, we can walk across Scotland!


Posted on February 9, 2014 .